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Wedding in Italy, Beach Wedding in Italy

Why get married in Italy? For the sunshine, style, famous cities, fabulous food and wine, stunning scenery, beautiful hilltop towns and hospitable people.

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Rome, the romance capital of the world and very popular for wedding couples, offers stunning churches, magical sights, luxurious unforgettable venues and a very special atmosphere. If you're looking for an exquisite rural setting, why not consider the nearby region of Abruzzo - a well kept secret that offers unrivalled wedding locations which are affordable, unique, exclusive and undiscovered.

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Thanks to new legislation we are now also delighted to be able to offer official same sex weddings.

In both Rome and Abruzzo we focus on offering stunning venues and high end wedding design. We're proud to have opened up the beautiful region of Abruzzo where very little English is spoken, for couples who are looking for a truly authentic Italian experience. Our boutique wedding locations are described in detail to help you decide what style of wedding you would like and how much it will cost. Big or small, weddings just for two, renewal of vows and anniversaries - we love them all!

Once you have decided to get married here we'll take care of everything. If you'd like to visit our venues in Rome or Abruzzo we can arrange for you to come and enjoy a mini break so that you can see everything at first hand and we can start the exciting prospect of designing your wedding together.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions - we'll be delighted to talk to you.

Wedding in Italy, Beach Wedding in Italy
Wedding in Italy, Beach Wedding in Italy
Wedding in Italy, Beach Wedding in Italy
Wedding in Italy, Beach Wedding in Italy

Where is Abruzzo?

Perfectly located next to Rome and easy to reach from the UK (daily flights from Stansted) Abruzzo offers sun drenched coastline, azure sea, wooded hillsides, snow-capped mountains, enchanting castles and gorgeous hilltop towns. It's known as the greenest region in Europe with over one third of its area covered by national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Incredibly beautiful and undiscovered, Abruzzo offers fantastic wedding options at rural Italy prices - budgets go a long way here. Across Italy, the people of Abruzzo have a reputation for generosity and welcoming visitors with open arms and often a glass of wine!

Our wedding venues have been chosen for the spectacular nature of their locations, views of the sea or mountains, architectural beauty, or pure Italian charm. Discover a special place to get married with a view that takes your breath away.