What does an Italian wedding cost?

Wedding in Italy, Beach Wedding in Italy

And how long is a piece of string? Difficult questions and for the same reasons. We have a large range of venues from rustic to super deluxe and there are endless embellishments that you may or may not want to include.

I understand that this answer is not very helpful if you are trying to work out a budget so here are some rough guide 'from' figures. When I say 'from' please understand that I only arrange fabulous weddings and there is no suggestion here of dumbing down.

Food and wine are good at all the venues and more sophistication and luxury tends to increase costs.

Rome is more expensive than rural Italy with budgets starting from Euro 10 500 (35 people). Rome does offer some of the most spectacular wedding settings in the world with budgets to match!

In rural Italy for 35 people, from Euro 8,500 including:

All legal paperwork in Italy. You have to bring some with you and I will advise you on this.

Planning and consultation

Church, civil ceremony, or symbolic blessing - booking fee, official co-ordination, translation if required and marriage certificate

A car to collect the Bride from her hotel and take her to the ceremony. Afterwards the car will take the married couple to the reception venue.

Photography - during the ceremony and at the reception venue

Catering - for 35 people, a four course meal with wine and wedding cake.

Flowers - bride's bouquet, buttonholes and dining table decoration.

A vocalist/DJ to provide a combination of live and recorded music at the reception.

Because I specialise in weddings in this part of Italy and I live here, I have an excellent relationship with all the venues and I'll negotiate the best price possible for you.

So, first I'll ask you what sort of wedding you would really like and what your budget is. Using my local knowledge I'll offer lots of suggestions and ideas to help create the perfect wedding. Then I'll provide a personalised quotation based on your dreams and to suit your budget.

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Every wedding is different and together we can tailor elements of your wedding to suit your tastes. I'll be delighted to help you create a delux wedding, or help you simplify things if that's more your style.

What's guaranteed is a fabulous wedding with fantastic food and wine, in a beautiful setting and in an atmosphere of sophisticated Italian hospitality.

Wedding in Italy, Beach Wedding in Italy

Food & Wine in Abruzzo

Abruzzo is still undiscovered rural Italy and here your budget goes a long way! The money you spend on your wedding is directly reflected in the excellent quality food and wine you'll enjoy and the prices you pay for all the elements of your wedding are those that local Italians pay.

Italians are famous for their love of food! It's plentiful and you'll be amazed at the number of quality, fresh, authentic dishes served to you and your guests during your wedding meal.

Abruzzo is a renowned wine producing region and we pride ourselves on offering a delicious range of white, red, rosé, dry, dessert and sparkling wines produced on the doorstep of your wedding location. Your choice of wines is of course included in the overall prices that we show here. What nicer way to immerse yourselves in the atmosphere of the place where you marry, than by tasting its special wines.

Wedding Planning Mini Break

To get a taste of the sort of wedding you can enjoy in Rome why not take a mini break here? I will arrange for you to stay at one of the hotels I use for weddings, at a discounted rate and from there I'll take you to all the venues you are interested in to help you decide exactly where you want to spend your special day. We can also discuss details such as transport, flowers and photography, tailoring all elements to suit your tastes, using my local contacts with a range of excellent solutions.

If you'd like to visit our rural locations in Abruzzo you're invited to enjoy a relaxing break, visiting locations. I'll also arrange visits to the florist, photographer and dress designer if you wish. I will arrange for you to stay in one of our lovely local Bed & Breakfast venues and in the evening you can enjoy a meal at one of the excellent local restaurants.