Creative Wedding Planning by Emma

Wedding in Italy, Beach Wedding in Italy

Put your trust in an expert who cares as much about your wedding as you do and who will personally manage your wedding, setting the highest standards from start to finish. My reputation depends upon delighted couples who want to tell everyone what a great time they had during their wedding stay here! It's important to plan your wedding with someone who is on the same wavelength as you, who understands your need for information and honest advice and who you can talk to easily and openly. You're looking for a unique wedding location but also of course, an English planner who won't let you down!

Before I relocated to my new life in Italy, I worked in hospitality, events management, marketing, customer service and public relations. Having travelled extensively around Italy and Abruzzo, I also understand the sort of experience we non-Italians are looking for when we come here. Importantly, my local knowledge and extensive range of suppliers means that I negotiate the best service and prices and my reputation depends on the high standards I set.

Together we can tailor every element to suit your tastes, from food to flowers, transport to treats. I'll be delighted to help you create a deluxe wedding, or help you simplify things if that's more your style. I'll share my knowledge of Italian wedding traditions and the latest wedding trends and I can arrange for you to extend your trip with guided tours, special activities, wine tasting, romantic meals, Italian lessons and more. I provide dream weddings making the most of the stunning scenery, famous cities, beautiful hilltop towns, the sunshine, the hospitable people and of course fabulous food and wine. In fact all the things I love about Italy and why we non-Italians love to spend our precious time here.

Here you're thrilled by the atmosphere of Rome and then a short drive away, soothed by the rural beauty of Abruzzo. What a great choice! Get married surrounded by some of the most famous and magical city landmarks in the world, or immerse yourselves in charming rural Italy.

Abruzzo is a well kept secret offering unique wedding locations unrivalled by those you find in other more commonly known destinations. Where else can you sit on a terrace with a glass of sparkling wine enjoying the view of snow capped mountains close enough to touch in one direction and the dreamy blue sea in the other?

It's perfect for those of you searching for a special place to celebrate your wedding in Italy, the most romantic country in the world.

Wedding in Italy, Beach Wedding in Italy

Wedding Planning Mini Break

To get a taste of the sort of wedding you can enjoy in Rome why not take a mini break here? I will arrange for you to stay at one of the hotels I use for weddings, at a discounted rate and from there I'll take you to all the venues you are interested in to help you decide exactly where you want to spend your special day. We can also discuss details such as transport, flowers and photography, tailoring all elements to suit your tastes, using my local contacts with a range of excellent solutions.

If you'd like to visit our rural locations in Abruzzo you're invited to enjoy a relaxing break, visiting locations. I'll also arrange a meeting with the photographer and caterer if you wish. I will arrange for you to stay in one of our lovely local Bed & Breakfast venues or one of the hotels we recommend for your wedding stay and in the evening you can enjoy a meal at one of the excellent local restaurants.

Quite apart from planning your perfect wedding, you will have a lovely few days here and I'm sure it will be very nice to meet you!