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To start the exciting process of arranging your wedding in Italy we would first ask you let us know exactly how you envisage your perfect wedding. Obviously we will need the numbers and dates etc but more importantly let us know what you would love in terms of atmosphere, setting, music and the style of the event. Your wedding day will be a dream come true, so let's start with the dream. If you would prefer to discuss this Emma is available to chat by phone or Skype/Facetime.

T: 0039 389 3453452

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We will create a personalised wedding for you and you can have anything your heart desires. Here please give an overview of how you imagine your perfect wedding so that we can match that to suitable locations.
By selecting venues with good flight connections for you we can make journeys short and easy. Here let us know which airport or part of your country you would ideally like to fly from.
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