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Panoramic Castle & Restaurant Rome Region


Panoramic Castle and Restaurant

High in the spectacular Appenine mountains in the beautiful town of Pacentro you can celebrate your marriage with a legal civil wedding ceremony in the ancient castle which towers above the town. Inside, the ancient stone and medieval atmosphere is warm and welcoming, outside afterwards you'll enjoy celebratory drinks and canap├ęs served on the Castle ramparts with a view that take's your breath away. Alternatively, if you or your partner are Catholic, you can choose to get married in the beautiful, historic, traditional church in the pretty town square, with equally lovely views.

There are fantastic photo opportunities wherever you look and not just at the ceremony! The reception venue is a traditional Italian restaurant which is a few minutes walk away through the historic tiny streets. It's cosy and atmospheric and has a large outdoor terrace to enjoy welcome drinks or buffet courses and from where you have panoramic views over the Abruzzo National Park.

The food and wine served here are amongst the best in Abruzzo and represent exquisite, typical dishes made from locally sourced speciality products. The whole experience is a must for lovers of top quality, authentic Italian cuisine. This restaurant also has an international reputation and is hugely popular, with clients even travelling from Rome to enjoy Sunday lunch here! It's also famous as one of George Clooney's favourite places to eat in Italy, because he often ate here whilst making his 2010 film 'The American' set in Abruzzo.

In the summer months Italy gets hot so the cool of the mountains is very comfortable. There are few more enchanting places to spend an evening, enjoying amazing food and wine, with good company and live music under an inky black sky full of stars.

Although it may seem wild and remote this wedding location is actually conveniently located. It is very close to the beautiful town of Sulmona, which is a fantastic place to visit and has lots of hotels and restaurants. Your guests will enjoy exploring the interesting streets and shops and there are lots of types of accommodation in the town. Sulmona is the birthplace of 'confetti' - not the paper kind that we throw at weddings, but sugar coated almonds, dating back to the Romans and traditionally given as gifts at Italian weddings. You can visit the many local producers and sample the best sugared almonds found in Italy. Wine tasting and culinary tours are also in abundance in the area.

Arriving here isn't difficult either. The local Italians tell me that they can get to Rome by car in one hour! For the sake of road safety and taking into account some of the most spectacular scenery in Italy that you won't necessarily want to go hurtling past, I would allow two! There's a daily cheap and fast coach service from Rome's airports and city centre. Alternatively it is only about forty five minutes from Pescara airport which has daily flights from London.

This location is real Italy, unspoilt and offers a totally unique and very affordable wedding destination.