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Same Sex Weddings

We are delighted to be able to offer officially recognised same sex marriage ceremonies – Civil Unions.  Italy has welcomed same sex unions for several years now and you will receive a warm welcome wherever it takes place.  These can take place at any venue registered for a legal marriage ceremony, in town halls, at registered wedding venues and even on the beach.  We’ll help you take care of all the paperwork and translations, making it easy and official.  After your wedding you will receive a marriage certificate which is legally recognised in your own country.

The legal Civil Union ceremony follows a specific format including exchange of rings if you wish.  At some venues we can embellish the ceremony with brief personal readings – this is dependant on the local town hall official who conducts the ceremony.  

Usually the ceremony is conducted in Italian and we provide a celebrant to present English translation during the ceremony.  So you get the ceremony in English and Italian which adds to the authenticity of the whole event!

Of course if you prefer to keep things simple and avoid legal paperwork, we can arrange a gorgeous symbolic marriage ceremony with professional celebrant at any of our locations.  That way you can have the style and content of ceremony totally to your pleasing, with readings, exchange of rings and vows if you wish.