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Wedding Planner in Italy – Italy Garden Wedding

wedding ceremony with white covered chairs and coloured flowers in dappled sunshine under trees

Italy Garden Wedding

Italy Garden Wedding – A particularly romantic setting, and one where we can perform a legal civil wedding ceremony, is an Italian garden.

Imagine the scene, a hot sunny afternoon but you are all in comfortable shade provided by the garden trees.  A violinist provides relaxing music as your guests wander in.  Taking their seats enjoying the elegant floral decorations and the sweet perfume of flower blossom on the air.

Love Italy Weddings have a wonderful range of Italian villas with classically beautiful gardens where we can create this scene for you.  From the Amalfi Coast to Rome to Tuscan or Umbrian hills we will find a setting that suits all your preferences and where your dream wedding will materialise.

Wedding Planners

To have a truly fabulous wedding in Italy choose a truly fabulous wedding planner in Italy.  Love Italy Weddings is a team of passionate creatives and people focused professional planners.  All dedicated to making your wedding in Italy a beautiful and inspiring event that you will forever look back on with the warmest of smiles.

We will help you choose not just a setting, wether that be a garden, vineyard, palace , church or beach but also a region.  Logistics are surely a dull concept compared the range of magical wedding ceremony settings we can offer you.  However you can be assured that we are experts.   We will match or balance the twin important concepts of a beautiful wedding setting and somewhere that you and your group will enjoy travelling to without a difficult journey.  To do this we can take into account where your guests are coming from, consider airport connections, journey times, local hotel accommodation and match it all up so that everybody has a great time.

Contact Us

We can start the process of planning your Italian wedding with an informal, no obligation chat to exchange ideas.  You can use the Contact Us form or WhatsApp on +39 389 345 3450.

Here is an example of a garden wedding venue, near Rome.


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