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Paperwork & Legalities

We offer a complete wedding planning service and can arrange legally recognised civil marriages in Italy for the vast majority of nationalities.

As experts we deal with all the destination marriage legalities including document translation to be sure your marriage is valid and resulting in a marriage licence you keep.  We’ll guide you through the legal paperwork process to be completed for your wedding in Italy.

Some wedding venues are licensed for official civil marraiges on site or have a church actually on site – so ask us for details.  Ot travel a short distance to an impressive antique town hall or church.  We’ll arrange group transport and a bridal car and the different ceremony venue can add variety, allowing your guests to enjoy two stunning Italian wedding locations on your big day.

A legally recognised church marriage in Italy is always Catholic and at least one of you has to be Catholic whilst the other can be of a different faith.

Or you can have a simple legal civil marriage in your own country first and then enjoy a beautiful Italian Catholic church marriage ceremony (in English) on your wedding day, therefore simplifying the paperwork process for you.  In some locations it may be possible to have a Protestant ceremony, for example in larger cities like Rome.

If you’re happy to take care of the legal part in your own country then we can also arrange other types of marriage ceremony to take place actually at your Italian wedding venue.  These include Hindu, Jewish, humanist and symbolic marriage ceremonies.

These symbolic ceremonies are completely tailored by us to suit you,  We’ll create a unique and emotional moment in a stunning setting often with wedding planner Emma who is also an experienced ceremony officiant.

Some couples choose one of their guests to present their ceremony or bring their own priest, particularly if they need a ceremony in a language other than Italian or English.