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Mediterranean Island Wedding

Like the Caribbean but with added Italian Charm

You could consider a Mediterranean Island Wedding for a destination wedding Italy.  Get married on an island in the Adriatic or Mediterranean, so who needs the Caribbean when you have Italian islands within reach.  We offer luxury solutions on well known Sicily, Sardinia.  Or the semi tropical Aeolian Islands.

Tremiti Islands

Why not also consider the little known Tremiti Islands in the Adriatic – a sunny island paradise within 3 hours of London?  You can choose a civil wedding, a Catholic Church wedding or a symbolic wedding ceremony even on a beautiful secluded beach.  If you can fly to Bari or Brindisi it is a quite short and very pleasant journey.

You and your guests arrive at your Tremiti wedding island in style by boat and there is some accommodation on the island with lots more available in hotels on the nearby larger island.

If boats are your style or your passion involves yachting, sailing or diving – this is paradise.

Famous in those circles for incredible azure seas and dramatic rocky coastline it’s heaven to explore.

Receptions are spectacular in such a beautiful setting and on a hot summer’s evening you can dine and celebrate in the open air with beautiful views across the still sea.

At certain times you may almost have the island to yourselves – a floating castle terrace on an island bathed by the sunset.  At night the magical silence and your party music surrounds you on an island with no cars.

Colours are bleached by the sun so opt for bright strong florals to stand out against the white stone facades and pale blue background of sea and sky.