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Get Married in Sicily

Wedding in Sicily.  Geographically, historically, climatically and culturally, Sicily is a fascinating and wonderful place full of romance.  As a location for a destination wedding in Italy, it is a great option.

All the southern Italian islands have a semi tropical feel to them and Sicily is no exception.  The proximity to Africa is evident in the temperatures which are hot in summer and comfortable in winter.

Being quite a big island, there are two distinct choices for a wedding in Sicily.  They are; coast or interior.  The coast offers wonderful seascape vistas across the Mediterranean, visually stunning and deeply relaxing.  The interior offers a fascinating journey into Italian culture and history with all the delights that entails.  Of course, if you are planning on staying for a while, you will be able to enjoy both and this is what we would recommend.

small wooden boat tied up to a beach in front of a Sicilian village

Food and Wine

One of the most important elements of any wedding is the wedding banquet.  Great food and wine, unpretentious, natural and skilfully prepared with many generations worth of cumulative know how, is at the root of Italian life.  Nowhere in Italy more so than Sicily.  Some people say that the food in Italy gets better the further south you go.  There is a real truth to that statement and Sicily is about as far south as you can get.

bride posing in a white wedding dress by a temple ruin at Villa Igiea in Sicily

Weather for a wedding in Sicily

Obviously in summer, Sicily is very hot.  So hot that you might want to avoid the middle of the day.  In Sicily the coldest months are January and February but temperatures are still up to around 15° and that is without any sun.  When you add on the sun, that can get quite comfortable.   Either side of January and February, so March, April, May and October, November, December can be very pleasantly warm.

Where you get married in Sicily also makes some difference to the weather you can expect.  The south west facing side of the island, from Marsala to around Vittoria, is even warmer.

If you are thinking of a winter wedding, Sicily can work very well.


Indian Weddings in Sicily

Love Italy Weddings have a range of venues in Sicily that are suitable for large, multi day weddings.  We also have excellent contacts on the island for Indian catering and all the other service suppliers we use for Indian weddings.


Wedding Venues in Sicily

bride and groom standing in front of villa ivies in Sicily after their wedding
Villa Igiea, Palermo


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