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Location Finding

Italian wedding venues – we have over 150 in our files that we know and trust.  Also, new venues contact us all the time so our portfolio is always evolving.  This will save you tons of time lost researching venue dead ends.  At Love Italy Weddings we have a person (Andrew) dedicated to helping you find your perfect Italian wedding venues.  Because we have detailed knowledge of these venues and a working relationship with them, we can find your perfect fit and make sure that you get everything you would like.

Free Location Finding

Our service matches your needs to a choice of potentially perfect venues – quickly and with clear explanation.  Having a choice of great venues is key to creating your dream wedding in Italy.

Free Location Service

Our service combines a large portfolio of trusted venues which we know well, with years of experience in venue selection.  We’ll listen to your wedding vision and in which romantic setting you imagine it all taking place.

Using our expertise we’ll send you a choice of possible venues which offer;

  • the atmosphere & style you love
  • size & number of event spaces necessary for your group
  • suitable accomodation
  • your preferred ceremony options
  • suitable distance from airports
  • late night music permission
  • parity with your budget

If you’ve already found your perfect wedding venue but need help planning that’s fine too.  We’re often asked to work at new venues.

Experts in Central and Southern Italy

The yellow dots on this map show the international airports in the regions where we specialise.

map showing Central and Southern Italy. Possible locations for an Italian destination wedding.
Yellow dots are airports

Wedding Planning Visits

Many couples visit before their wedding and if you can come and visit we’ll be delighted, so we can show you everything first hand.  We can show you your selected venue or shortlist of venues.  At a selected venue we can sample the food and wine, check out local guest hotels and most importantly, meet us all.

If you can’t visit before hand that’s ok because we take care of everything here in Italy, keeping in regular contact via email, phone and video chat and we will have everything ready when you arrive for your wedding.  Some couples like to arrange everything from home and then arrive in Italy and step into their perfect wedding.  With the wonders of technology, this is becoming increasingly easy to do.

Wedding venues by region.

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