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Luxury concierge service for weddings in Italy. High level of personalised service and wedding management.

Concierge Service

As an experienced Italy wedding planner we know happy guests mean a happy bride and groom!   So whilst you and your guests focus on ‘the most incredible wedding ever’ we make sure the practicalities are taken care of behind the scenes, which means that you don’t have to.

We’ll suggest beautiful venues to match your dream and regional locations to tie in with your travel plans and ease of transfer.  We’ve got solutions for guest accommodation at every wedding venue we propose so we’ll recommended places to stay nearby, often with discounts for group bookings.  If necessary your guests will be taken care of with group transport on your wedding day and we’ll enhance your destination wedding stay with ideas and organisation for a Welcome Dinner, Goodbye Brunch and group activities like wine tasting.

GOLD Concierge

As your wedding planner in Italy, we can also look after your guests.  Upgrade to our Gold Concierge and an experienced member of our team provides dedicated guest liaison during the pre-wedding and wedding day.  Particularly recommended for large wedding groups or for more complex wedding events, for groups unused to travel in Europe and also those which run over several days.  Also suitable for couples and wedding groups who expect a high level of hospitality, personalised service and individual care.

Guests have phone/personal contact with our member of staff during agreed hours.  Our member of staff  is available to answer guests’ questions regarding event arrangements/timetable/meet ups/ceremony details, acting as their primary contact.   The staff member can be briefed by bride and groom and so acts as liaison between them and guests wherever possible.  This is particularly useful liaison for the bridal party, groomsmen and bridesmaids who have an important role to play during the event.  Our member of staff coordinates guests in readiness for the ceremony.  This ensures the bride and groom can relax and are not overwhelmed with demands in the lead up to the wedding event.