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Gay Wedding Package

View of Vesuvius from wedding venue in Naples.

Gay Wedding Package

Gay wedding package – Are you planning a gay wedding?  Do you like Italian style? Would you like to get married in the sunshine?  In a beautiful setting?  How about incorporating a sunny weekend break for your guests?  The answer could well be a gay wedding package by Love Italy Weddings.  This is a golden ticket for couples who want a stylish dream wedding in a warm and fabulous location, that is planned and managed perfectly.  The best part: you don’t have to do anything!

Just employ the friendly, efficient and creative team at Love Italy Weddings.  Over a video call (or it would be great if you can visit) we can get a full brief from you about what exactly would constitute your dream wedding.  Then, using our 13 years of destination wedding experience, hundreds of venues, extensive network of suppliers and our creative genius, we create your perfect event.  It really is as easy as that.

Some details:

  • We work predominately in central and southern Italy, which aficionados will tell you is real Italy with more Mediterranean and less Central European influence.  Where the ‘dolce vita’ still survives amongst the vineyards and olive trees.  This is from Tuscany and south.
  • We do however have beloved venues at Lake Maggiore and in Venice for whom we make exceptions.  Although we would normally only advise venturing this far North in Summer!
  • When we are planning your wedding we invest a lot of time in talking to you to find out exactly what your preferences are.  We can do anything so it is worth being precise about what you really want.  As part of this process we will have long video calls, we will make lots of suggestions and can share lots of experience with you about what has worked in the past.  You will be talking with experts who will make anything possible and everything easy.
  • We are a small agency who put love and passion into every wedding we create.  We only manage between 10 and 20 weddings per year so every one has to be a perfect masterpiece.
  • We have lots of experience arranging gay weddings.
  • We have solutions for everything which we will be delighted to share with you so that you can choose what is perfect for you.
  • We have a Classic Wedding Package which gives you everything you need for a complete wedding.  This is all you need and can also be a place to start from where you can add and personalise.

Contact Love Italy Weddings to enter the creative and stylish world of wedding planning.

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