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Plan a Vineyard Wedding

A bride and groom walking through a vineyard on their wedding day.

Plan a Vineyard Wedding

What is the best way to plan a vineyard wedding?  Well, the first thing to do is find a country with beautiful vineyards.  We don’t want big industrial vineyards, rather the quaint traditional variety.  Then we need reception and ceremony facilities.  These would ideally be charming with beauty and character, fitting of the occasion.  Of course we then need catering because we want a fabulous wedding banquet.  Come to Italy!  The weather is perfect.  Food and wine are out of this world.  Venues are so full of charm that you and your guests will be transported into a relaxed and happy state, as soon as you enter.  The people are lovely and welcoming and for the best part, Love Italy Weddings can do everything for you.

The Love Italy Weddings, wedding planning experience is the opposite of a stressful, difficult and frustrating ordeal that some people face when trying to arrange their wedding.  Instead you can be looked after, assisted and advised by experienced, passionate and expert wedding planners who really care as much about your wedding as you do.  You can just relax and be presented with fantastic choices for every element of your wedding and calmly watch as it all comes together.  You can even do this from the comfort of your own home if you haven’t got time to visit.  All this will happen well before the event so you have time savour and get in the mood for a spectacular celebration.

We have vineyard wedding venues in Puglia, Abruzzo, Tuscany, Salina, Marche, Umbria and in the countryside near Rome.  So a great choice which can make logistics easier and travel more convenient.  We are available to discuss options with you at length to make sure that you get the perfect solution.


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