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Mediterranean Island Wedding – Italy

Mediterranean island wedding venue at night


Mediterranean Island Wedding – Italy

Chilled island vibes meet cool Italian style.  From the white sandy beaches of Sardegna to the semi tropical Aolian Islands 

Perfect getaway island weddings

When you think of Mediterranean islands you probably first think of Greece with its concentration of sunny islands in the Aegean.  All very beautiful but if you are considering a location for a cool destination wedding you might prefer something a bit quieter, more authentic and where the traditional food and wine are off the chart fantastic.

Italy has a range of Mediterranean and Adriatic islands that are steeped in history, culture and tradition and Love Italy Weddings, Central & Southern Italy’s no.1 destination wedding agency, will create a fabulous wedding for you on your favourite.  To decide which is your favourite  we have lots of information and advice at the end of a phone call (WhatsApp +39 389 345 3450) email or even video call.

If you like the idea of marrying on tropical island we are sure that we can offer you something more beautiful on one of Italy’s island gems.

For starters here is an overview of Italian island wedding possibilities:


Picture perfect white sandy beaches, beautiful coastline, lots of facilities, bustling port town and a range of hotels including deluxe options.  The waters of Sardegna, like Puglia, are very clear and the sand is very white which gives a beautiful aesthetic.Beach weddings are spectacular here.

wedding beach in Sardegna

Aolian Islands

These beautiful semi tropical islands off Sicily were created when the volcano Mount Etna erupted and spat island size lumps of molten rock into the Mediterranean.  They are now green and incredibly fertile remote islands that are perfect Mediterranean island wedding locations.  Your wedding group would arrive here by boat from Sicily.  

On on a recent wedding here the wedding guests were delighted when a school of dolphins approached there boat to see what the activity was about. 

We have great options for weddings on these islands which we would be happy to discus with you.

Semi tropical island in the Mediterranean


Full of old Italian culture and ancient Mediterranean history, Sicily has to be one of the most charming places in the world.  All of southern Italy is steeped in wonder and Sicily is an important part of that.  Although it is quite a large island it definitely has its own unique island feel and the Mediterranean is omnipresent in the climate, the food and the way of life. 

Whether you like the spectacular beauty of the coastline or the old Italian charm of the interior, we will match you to the perfect venue.            

Arranging a wedding in Sicily requires expertise and good contacts.  We have lots of the above and can create a wonderful deluxe wedding for you here.

View of Sicily from the sea

Tremiti Islands.  

Not so far from the spur of Italy’s boot, in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, five little islands will capture your heart with their history, incredible landscapes, and beaches. 

 The tiny archipelago of the Tremiti Islands is part of the Gargano National Park (Northern Puglia, Italy), a pristine promontory that also includes the Foresta Umbra and the protected area of the Lakes Lesina and Varano.

This site is an important tourist attraction nowadays due to the clear and turquoise sea waters and its lush vegetation.

They look like an exotic destination, but they’re just 22 km far from mainland Puglia, easily reachable by boat.

The Termiti Islands are easier to get to than the Caribbean.   For a similar result.  If you can fly to Bari airport there is a ferry to San Nicola.  Alternatively fly to Pescara (flights from London and other European centres) then a train to Termoli and then the ferry to San Nicola.  The Italian part of this journey can take about 4 to 5 hours.  However that’s if you don’t linger on route but actually there is so much to see that you probably will.  Why not!  

The most common way to get to the Tremiti Islands is by ferry from the ports of Vasto, Ortona, Termoli, Vieste, and Rodi Garganico.

The ferry from Vieste to the Islands takes about 2 hours.  If you want a faster way to get there, Alidaunia offers flights from Foggia and Vieste to the San domino Heliport, but of course, they’re more expensive.

Cars are not allowed on the islands, so you have to leave your car at one of those ports.

While, if you’re traveling by train Termoli is the easiest stop as there is a direct bus just outside the station that goes to the ferry.

Tremiti island coastline

Italian island

Mediterranean island coastline



Traditional Italian culture meets deluxe island wedding venue.  For a Mediterranean island wedding with a combination of traditional Italy and stylish seascape luxury.

Ischia is a volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples, Italy. You’ve obviously heard of Capri — maybe you’ve even been. But Ischia is Capri’s quiet little sister that nobody notices (except locals, and the occasional European visitor).

Ischia is actually very easy to travel to.  Just a quick boat ride away from Naples, Ischia is full of gorgeous beaches, quaint villages, a castle unlike any other, and a number of natural hot springs.

Arriving via the Naples Airport (Capodichino)

There is a bus for outside the airport directly to the port.  Even easier than that there is a taxi stand outside arrivals where you can get a taxi directly to the port.

Arriving via the Naples Train Station

Trains from Rome take from just a few hours.  On arriving the taxi stand is located outside the central station.

Love Italy Weddings are can provide you with a fantastic and totally stress free wedding on an Italian Island.  We are happy to offer a no commitment, free consultation if you would like to explore possibilities. Click here for contact options.

mediterranean island

view of Mediterranean island town in Ischia

If you would like to discus Mediterranean island wedding possibilities CONTACT US

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