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How to Choose a Wedding Venue in Italy

Wedding venue in Italy

How to Choose a Wedding Venue in Italy –

How to choose a wedding venue in Italy when there are so many beautiful choices.  It is actually very easy to become so transfixed by a particular venue’s more attractive aspects that one can overlook the absence of potentially important features.  Unfortunately, this can cause problems later.  So, when you are considering a venue it helps to use 360° vision.

The venue may be beautiful, but is it going to work from a logistical perspective?  How easy is it to get to, without extra expense?  Not only have your guests got to get there, they will need to sleep there, or nearby.  What are the local accommodation options like?  Also, every venue has its own rules, restrictions and hours which if you are planning an event, it would help to be aware of.  Experience and local knowledge can go a long way to avoiding  potential problems in these cases.  What about menus?  To Italians the wedding banquet is the most important part of the wedding celebration, but is a particular venue’s offer going to fit with international expectations?

Which Region of Italy to Consider for a Wedding Venue –

Italy is made up of many different regions that until unification in 1861 were different kingdoms.  This makes for great variety which is still very evident within the now unified whole.  The biggest difference is between the Mediterranean south and the continental north.  For fantastic weather, food and wine and an element of dolce vita, choose the Mediterranean south.  For sophisticated high level elegance, choose the continental north.  The Mediterranean/Adriatic plays an increasingly strong role in the regions character the further south you travel.  However Marche, Abruzzo and Tuscany also have beautiful coastlines.

Different Regions for different Seasons –

Italy is a long and quite mountainous country.  There are big weather differences between the north and the south, the coast and the interior and sea level and the mountains.  It is possible to make these differences work for you by matching your venue choice to wedding date to optimise comfort for your event.  It is also possible to get this wrong, which is not good idea.  Use our experience and local knowledge to get this right.

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