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Tropical Island Wedding

View of tropical island at sunset, dream wedding location.

Tropical Island Wedding – Okay it’s a semi tropical island, but we promise you, it will be more than hot enough!   The Italian Aeolian Islands might just be paradise on earth.  Volcanic islands off Sicily, formed by Vulcano (a Mediterranean volcano) shooting enormous lumps of lava into the sea, 40,000 to 700,000 years ago.  It started off as a submarine volcano on the sea bed and is now an island volcano.

From its violent fiery past to one of the most pleasant places on earth, as it is today, has been quite a transformation and we would encourage anyone to take advantage of it by considering it as a wedding destination.

As exotic as it is, it is not that difficult to travel to from Europe or America.  Naples has a very well connected international airport and if you can get there, we can help you with the rest.  From Sicily it is even easier.  The rest is a boat trip of course and a very pleasant one at that, through fantastically, dolphin infested waters!

Salina is our favourite Aeolian island, for a tropical island wedding and we have excellent wedding possibilities there for you.

Tropical island off Sicily for destination wedding.
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Please also check out the Adriatic Tremiti Islands, which are convenient to travel to if you can fly to Bari in Puglia.

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