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Indian Wedding Catering in Italy

wedding banquet at Indian wedding

Indian Wedding Catering in Italy

The wedding banquet, is one of the most important elements of any wedding day.  For an Indian wedding in Italy, catering is something to be considered carefully.  We are central and southern Italy’s no. 1 English speaking wedding planning agency.  As such is it not surprising that Indian weddings form a large part of our work.  So, having excellent quality and truly authentic Indian catering is not just important to us, it is essential.

Many couples decide that one of the greatest attractions of a wedding in Italy is the fantastic Italian cuisine.  However if you have a large group Indian guests, it is nice to be able to offer at least an element of traditional Indian cuisine.  We can discuss options with you for excellent all Indian cuisine, excellent Italian cuisine or a combination of the two.

Being wedding planners involves a great deal of behind the scenes research because we need to have solutions, with back ups, for all sorts of requests.  From types of venue to types of catering, to types of music and so on and so on.  So when it comes to Indian wedding catering we’ve got it all sorted, and then some!  If you are looking for wonderful and authentic Indian cuisine for your wedding in Italy, you are in the right place.

In our Italy wide search for great Indian catering it helps considerably that we love Indian food.  Although we all live in Italy and love it here, half of our team are British and lived with Indian food for most of our lives.  The availability to great Indian restaurants is quite probably the biggest thing that a lot of expats miss about living in Britain.

Some of the most enjoyable research we do.

Researching, finding and sampling Indian food in Italy and speaking to Indian caterers is something that we do a lot of.  We know that we have to supply only the highest quality food at our weddings.  To make sure that we can offer this we are constantly researching .  This means a lot of eating in Indian restaurants, getting to know them and what they are good at and checking that they have a real understanding of the expectations involved with the menu at an Indian wedding.  Of course, as fans of Indian food, this is very nice work.

Authentic Indian wedding catering

Indian dish served at Indian wedding in Italy

Authentic Indian food at a wedding in Italy

Excellent Indian cuisine at wedding in Italy

High quality authentic Indian dishes served at an Indian wedding in Italy.

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