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Rustic Italian Weddings

newly married couple at a vineyard wedding venue in Italy

Rustic Italian Weddings

View of Apennines from vineyard wedding venue

stone facade castle Castello di Septe Abruzzo Italy

Rustic Italian weddings – When it comes to super deluxe weddings Italy is a perfect choice with hundreds of years of excellence and refinement built into everything.  But there is more to it than that.  Italy is a beautiful country with a wonderful rural heritage, excellent traditional food and wine and hospitable people.  So when you remove the stylish and sophisticated veneer, you find that Italy is just as beautiful underneath.  I am talking about rustic, rural Italy.  Maybe in today’s high speed world this even has more appeal for the contrast it can offer to modern living.

As a destination wedding idea a rustic Italian wedding can work very well.  For a start all your guests will love it.  Then being in Italy you’ll eat like kings and it will be in a natural and truly beautiful setting.  Don’t forget the wine of course.  Everybody wants an incredible ceremony setting so how about a sunny vineyard or olive grove?  Or a sandy beach or medieval Town Hall?  Maybe even an Italian castle.

wedding ceremony on a sandy beach

Budget & what is included

Love Italy Weddings have a range of rustic Italian wedding venues where we can create amazing weddings.  There are great options here also if you are considering a smaller budget.  A full wedding day catering for 50 to 60 guests and complete with all the elements in our Classic Wedding Package could cost from as little as fifteen to twenty thousand euros.  Of course if you wanted to lux it up, the sky’s the limit and we can certainly help you with that!

Please note that this post was written in 2022 and future prices may increase with general inflation.

When selecting rustic Italian wedding venues to offer you we can consider beautiful areas of Italy that are maybe off the beaten tourist track.  This can also be nice in that it can add an element of discovering new places to your event.


Please have a look at these possible venues:

Castle in Abruzzo

Rural Italian Villa

Hotel, Beach Club & Spa

Boutique Vineyard Wedding

Rome Garden & Trattoria

Beach Club Adriatic

Borgo in Tuscany

Wedding ceremony in a sunny vineyard

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