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Island Wedding Venues – Wedding on the Italian Island of Ischia

harbour at sunset

Island Wedding Venues – the charming Italian island of Ischia.

Love Italy Weddings are Central and Southern Italy’s number one wedding planning agency.  We offer a bespoke highly personalised service, perfect for creating incredible destination weddings.  As experts in Central and Southern Italy, we have an abundance of really amazing locations to choose from.  Some of those are Mediterranean island wedding venues.  For couples who appreciate the relaxed tropical island vibe, we would like to present you Ischia.

Island Wedding

History and Culture

This is Castello Aragonese, attached by a walk bridge to the beautiful island of Ischia.  Ischia is full of Mediterranean culture and history.  In this article we would like to suggest to you lots of reasons to choose it as a destination wedding venue.

Let’s start with some images:

island wedding venue with yachts sailing close

restaurants by the port in Ischia

Beach on destination wedding island

Tropical Vibe

Just like the more remote Aeolian Islands, Ischia really feels tropical.  This is for  a number of reasons:

  1. It is hot!  This is about as far south as you can get in Europe and the African influence on the weather is evident.  If you really ‘like it hot’ then a Summer wedding here will deliver but also remember that a late Autumn or early Spring wedding here is very likely to be extremely pleasant.
  2. The vegetation matches the climate, as you would expect, so there are palms and exotic looking plants, flowers and cactus growing wild all over the island.
  3. It is volcanic!  Like all good tropical islands Ischia has a volcano, but don’t worry because it hasn’t erupted for 700 years.  Benefits from the volcano are that the island is blessed with thermal springs (ideal for post wedding recoveries) and the incredibly fertile soil.  This fertile soil is the reason behind the great tasting local food, which brings us on to our next point.
  4. The food and wine are sensational.  Like all of Italy, food is very important here.  Where a lot of people eat to live, the Italians live to eat, or so the saying goes.  This is the famed Mediterranean diet.  With the local produce supercharged by the volcanic soil and the incredibly fresh seafood and generations of cooking expertise, you will have a tremendous wedding banquet.

Here is a link to a VLOG on Youtube by a couple enjoying the island: A few days in Ischia

Travelling to Ischia

Please also remember that Ischia is easy to travel to.  You fly into Naples, get a taxi to the port and then the regular ferry to the island.  The ferry takes about one hour.  Alternatively if you fly to Rome, add a train journey of from two hours on to the journey.

Love Italy Weddings have selected wedding venues in Ischia where we would be delighted to create a beautiful destination wedding for you.  Please see our Wedding Planning Service here.

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